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I am dedicated to helping you and your beloved pet. Decisions, especially regarding end-of-life care, are very personal and I would like to assist you as best as possible. Please feel free to call or email (using this form) with any questions or to request an appointment. Please include information about your pet (name, age, breed, weight, and health problems).

PalliativeVet Mobile Tierarztpraxis Shannon Axiak Flammer
Postfach 45
3047 Bremgarten bei Bern

In general, the telephone will be answered between 8-9 am Monday through Friday. Otherwise, please leave a message, send a text message or write an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

My ability to provide emergency services is limited. If you cannot reach the practice in the event of an emergency, please contact your private veterinarian or Tierspital Bern at 0900 900 960